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Under Armour Mouth Guards Brighton

Are you a sports enthusiast involved in contact sports and want to protect your teeth from damage? Do you play on an athletic team? Is your lifestyle more serene but you constantly grind your teeth in your sleep? Your teeth can be damaged due to a sudden impact or by slowly grinding them down. The best way to protect your teeth from sports related impact is by wearing a custom fitted mouth guard. For those of you who grind away your stress during sleep, form fitted night guards will protect your pearly whites from each other. Michael Page DDS specializes in creating custom shaped night guards; and for the sports enthusiast we utilize mouth protection produced by Under Armour.

Mouth Guard Advantages

Mouth guards not only protect your teeth from harm but they also protect your lips, tongue and cheeks. Under Armour cites an additional advantage of wearing their mouth guards is that it will reduce jaw clenching which is common during intense competition. Clenching releases cortisol which can diminish concentration and endurance.

The best mouth guards are custom fitted and are made of soft plastics. Mouth guards should be worn during contact sports like football and hockey or while skateboarding and snowboarding where there is a high risk of impact from a fall or wipeout.

Protect your teeth during sports activities and your teeth will thank you. If you have suffered impact and tooth damage as a result of a sports or impact related activity,contact us for emergency dentistry care.

Night Guard Advantages

When teeth grinding, bruxism, occurs during our sleep we are often unaware of it. Frequently, you learn of your teeth grinding sessions from a family member or because the grinding has created health problems. Grinding wears on your tooth’s enamel and can make those teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods and liquids.

Grinding can also make your jaw sore and may lead to temporomandibular joint disorderor TMJD. If you have experienced TMJD, you know that is very uncomfortable. Your jaw will click or lock as you open your mouth. If TMJD worsens it may or may not be treatable through surgery.

Night Guards protect your teeth as they provide an even and smooth surface for the opposing teeth to rest against reducing movement and eliminating tooth on tooth grinding. Night guards are constructed of acrylic and are created from a dental impression during a visit with our dentist.

Whether your teeth are exposed to elbows, pavement or other teeth, mouth guards andnight guards can protect your smile from damage. If harm has occurred, Michael Page DDS specializes in restorative dentistry procedures to help bring your smile back where it belongs. Call our office today for more information on guarding your valuable pearly whites!